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Today, education systems worldwide are moving beyond the STEM-based approach, to try out different ways of combining Art with Academics and make learning more experiential & joyful for students.

That's why, we've designed the Teachers for Art Integration (TFAI) initiative to harness the collective wisdom of the teaching community and create the world's first-of-its-kind book on Art Integrated Learning projects.
This is where your ideas can make a difference, no matter where you're from.
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Stage 1

Fill the nomination form & you'll receive an email with all the details within 48 hours of registration
Registration closes on 28th August.

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Orientation Workshop
Kick-off Art Integration workshop with our team of academicians and experts

Stage 3

Synopsis Submission
Select a project of your choice from our list of topics or select your own topic.
Multiple projects allowed per teacher
Submit your project synopsis by 31st August.
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Stage 4

Synopsis Shortlist and Project Development
If your project idea gets selected, our team of academicians and 
creative minds will then
work with you to 
develop it into a 
Art-Integrated video 

Teachers For Art Integration (TFAI): A new chapter in education

Art Integrated Learning (AIL)is a 21st century approach to education & one of the pillars of the NEP 2020. It's where the Art is fused within Academics, to make learning experiential & joyful.

Imagine, learning Maths through Music, science through photography, or languages through puppetry & drama. Besides understanding concepts clearly, students will enjoy the learning process and develop crucial skills like creativity, communication and critical thinking.
But implementing AIL effectively has been a challenge for most educators and schools. With schedule packed heavily with daily duties, it leaves them little time to try out something new.

Which is why, the Art Integration Book led by the Teachers For Art Integration initiative, is the first step towards making AIL a reality. This practical guide will serve as a ready reckoner for educators to bring experiential learning into the classroom, effortlessly. And help inspire a new breed of learners who're curious, self-motivated & filled with the love for learning.